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Kunin Felt

Updated: Aug 18

Here is an update with my slow stitch project, in preparation for untangled threads - I loved working with the Kunin felt, how versatile it is. The plastic in the felt melts with heat and can bend and mark the fabric beautifully. I also used a pyrograph heating tool to do some marking too. I completed two pieces, the first piece being a bit of a forerunner to a bigger more complex piece. I particularly enjoyed the bright colours which has given it a bright vibe.The stitching show later this year in November has been cancelled, which is such a shame has it would have looked so beautiful with everyone's stitchbook on display - never mind we will need to wait until next year when hopefully the pandemic will be under control. I have a few more pieces to complete, and will keep you updated as I go along. I am joining year 2 which starts in January 2021 - exciting stuff.


This is where I am with my tyvek ; I am creating 2 small pieces as part of my stitchbook for the stitchbook collective /untangled threads collective. www.untangledthreads.co.uk . I had fun colouring the tyvek paper with acrylic spray colours. For the first piece I used lemon, green and turquoise and for the second bronze, blue and orange - and I loved the results and colour combinations. I got busy last night for an hour or two whilst watching TV and started to plan and stitch - most work was done on the first yellow/blue piece; I couldn't resist starting the other piece, so that I have two pieces to work between. The tyvek material is strange to work with a bit like sewing with paper, adding fabrics, stitch and beads is so rewarding - I am enjoying watching the creation grow.

I have a bit of a backlog of my sewing project, so today I have managed to do some tyvek samples to get the feel of different paints and dyes on the tyvek paper and fabric. I have done samples using emulsion paint, watercolour, metallic paint and inks. All done using heat. I think the metallic samples I liked the best - love the shiny finish it gives. I can now plan my pieces and colour scheme and design for my two main pieces for the collective. Will show you more as I go....

Relaxing with some stitching: it's pretty gloomy outside, so I am continuing with more slow stitching: I am working on some denim and patching up holes using fabric and stitch. A mixture of threads has been used, some different colour sashiko thread, wool and cotton.. I have a new challenge tomorrow www.untangledthreads.co.uk

so completely different techniques to work through. I will give you a few peeks along the way. Loving all the colours.....


Working today on my slow stitch 'untangled threads' project...so enjoying all the bright colours here...darning and rag textile. Using sashiko threads especially the graduated coloured ones is great with the slow stitch. Still have more to do, but thought I would give you a quick peek....it is going to be so useful when I work toward changing may art into creative slow stitch creations., as a extra outlet. Take a look in my slow stitch section on my web page to see other pages/work I have done - I do still need to work a little more on lthe pages before they all get collated together into a fabric book. All stitch projects will be on display at the 'Sewing ' show in Harrogate in November - more details will be given later on my NEWSLETTER -

sign up: www.theknittingandstitchingshow.com/harrogate

www.untangledthreads.co.uk via my Homepage.




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