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My stitch books - are there to be shared

I am lost without my stitchbooks, I imagine there will be some stitchers and lovers of textiles that will be feeling the same. Making some time to stitch (for me thats slow stitching all sorts of fabrics) and producing lovely interesting pieces of stitched cloth. I particularly like stitching on vintage fabrics, I just love the aging fabrics, patterns and designs that you can pick up. I manage to pick lots of interesting bits and fabric from flea markets and other upcycle type sales. Its always a joy when your eyes meet with treasures...bliss.

My books /outer covers all lovingly stitched and very tactile are made with small fabric inserts so that any budding stitcher can stitch their pieces in. The stitchboos are available at 'MAKERS CREATIVE' a shop at Cromford Mills. I will be adding some small slow stitch packs with some vintage treasures in so that you can have everything you need to stitch a page to go into your very own personalised stitchbook.. There is going to be a sample of a stitchbook that I have recently done, its unthemed as I have just put in all those little bits of stitching that I have done whilst sitting for an hour or two in the evening. Its lovely to have all the pieces together. I am going to work on some patterns for stitching pages in the next few weeks so that they can be available too.

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Julie Leggett
Julie Leggett
Apr 24, 2022

Hello looking forward to your comments, let me know what you would like to see on my blogger 😃

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