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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I sent in my piece of sewing for the lockdown quilt contribution for "Same sea different boat" to Cheltenham via Harley Gallery. I ended up doing a black and cream square and put on 'Sewing mends the Soul'. I have done a fair bit of sewing during lockdown so it seemed so appropriate; and yes I do have a pair of scissors like the ones on there.

A project at the Harley Gallery....'Same sea different boat'

Hello all, I have just tagged myself on to be included in an ongoing project that was started at the Harley Gallery during the first lockdown. The idea is that it shows what the lockdown meant to you in your little square. They are still accepting anyone interested to join up and get involved ? it may be for you... It is producing a small stitched square , by initially producing a collograph which is printed onto cotton and then stitched into... cant wait to get started. I have chosen to miss the colograph and work on a stitched piece with all natural components. you can see what it is all about by clicking on the link below.....


There is still time to go and visit the Harley Gallery Open Exhibition at Wellbeck, it is a fabulous exhibition and a great place to visit. Exhibition is open until the end of October, so till plenty of time to take a look, enjoy and vote for your favourite painting/artwork. 'Wave' is my piece in the exhibition. Artworks are for sale too, so lots of retail therapy to be had. If you want to visit and make a day of it, I would strongly suggest that you book ahead for a spot in the cafe - so that you are not disappointed when you get there and its fully booked.

First day of the opening of the Harley 2020 Exhibition; and there I am (with mask) standing at the side of my artwork 'Wave', it looked great, so pleased I got my art selected for this fabulous exhibiton and venue. On entrance welcomed by lovely staff, name and telephone given for Trace and track, a fun mechanical pair of hands clapped me when I put my card in the box (very clever). Socially distancing measures were great, wasn't too crowded, plenty of space to have a good look around. The artwork was of a high standard and there was a wide variety of art styles and work, I highly recommend a visit. I have snapped the winning art pieces in the top section of pictures - The winner of the Harley Foundation Prize of £2000 was Marcin Szuba with 'Landscape of Svaneti (top right) loved the colours of this painting, certainly captures the sunset over the mountains.

The winner of Harley prize £750 sponsored by Latimer Hinks Solicitors was Anne Stansfield 'After Harry', it took me a while to get the artwork, it speaks volumes, I see it as how someone felt after losing a loved one (well thats my interpretation), it was painted onto a linen canvas; must admit the colours pop. The collage bottom right won'The community Champions Prize £100 sponsereed by Welbeck 'Self Portrait from Travelcard' - this was amazing all made up of stamps, very interesting and effective.

There was some amazing pieces, I did take a lot of photographs but cant put them all on here, any art lover must go; a chance to get out and do something cultural. Below are a few other pieces the most expensive piece I saw there was the art piece on the right wwhich was just shy of £28.000.. Most of the art was ranging from around £200. Some beautiful peices, I didnt buy anyting today, but I do have my eye on something.......

Must mention the two other exhibitions - Joanna Whittle 'Between Island'-the winner of last years open exhibition. She is so creative, a ceramist and painter; loved her rather romantic take on the past, very sensitive brushwork, smaller works. It is about a fictiional disappeared world - using the landscape of Welbeck estate and items in the Portland collection.

The Portland collection/museum is worth a see - a great collection of art and pieces collected over 400 years descended from Bess of Hardwick. The collection takes its name from the Dukes of Portland (who owned Welbeck from 1755-1977)

I enjoyed looking at the family history the art history and all the beautiful artifacts..

We had a lovely meal in the cafe - we booked it on Thursday (would recommend) a safe seat inside in case the weather isn't so good. I can recommend the turkey, yummy, it was beautiful. The staff there are lovely too.


Postcards delivered on what is a rainy and gloomy day. Popped them through the letterbox, so no more changes to do.

I can move onto some other unfinished projects - so many on the go, today its going to be a return to some slow stitching projects. I will tell you about that on my slow stitich blog.


Nearly there with postcards, still have line to add and the finishing top coats of levelling gel and wax, I normally do a bit of sanding as well - it's a good job there are lots layers to be revealed underneath. To give a sneak peak (after all it is a secret postcard exhibition) I have collaged the cards and taken one picture before I do the final touches to each one. The colour pallette is complementary throughout the cards.

All the postcards exhibited in the gallery are £15.00 each - all proceeds to the gallery.

Arts Emergency - a percentage of the profit made from the show is donated, every year, to this charity - which supports talented, and disadvantaged, creatives and artists via mentoring to access education and employment within the arts sector.

I saved my palette papers (as always) dried them outside in the sunshine yesterday - ready for use in collage in new art somewhere along the way.


Spent today working on my postcards - the hours soon whittle away. I always find leaving the artwork for 24 hours each time I add to it, lets me see different things each day. The cards have changed several times already - layers and layers.....hoping to complete them by Saturday. I am working between several tasks today - I am also using tyvek and sewing inbetween the art.....I will talk a little about that on my sewing blog...

Working on some postcards for the Lock up Gallery

I will be completing 6 postcards to enter this year. I am using 3 colours for all the postcards in different tones, shades and hues (with the use of addition of black and white). There will be my usual mixed media/collage approach with numerous layers as I go along, working towards an abstract finish. All compositions are from one of my sketchbooks of Portugal. I won't be posting as I go along as that may spoil the excitement of going along to the gallery and seeing if you can spot any of them. I always go along and buy one or two postcards - I have quite a collection of beautiful art.

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