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Here is my latest dyed cotton using water colours and brusho acrylic spray.

While I had my paints out working on some new artwork, which has been very different from my sewing pursuits of late I decided to paint some fabric. I have a some large white sheets that comes in very useful for sewing projects. I ripped off a good sized piece and got to work painting / dyeing it using watercolour paints and fluid acrylics. Its amazing how the paint bleeds and spreads creating shades and patterns you dont expect. I used turquoice lemon, green and violet. I decided to rip it up into smaller squares and stitch it using some fine wool threads I have (obtained from a car boot - a very good find). I started the project yesterday and have already sewn 9 squares - the squares are about 4 inches. The beauty is that it is all spontaneous, the stitching follows the patterns that the paint has made; I do love a spontaneous project it is so freeing. I am thinking of making some wall installations and maybe some art cards; I will decide as I go along. The lockdown offers so much opportunity in time to do all of these wonderful projects that I may never had time to do or think about.

https://youtu.be/4JTtiAU9Erc follow me on my you tube channel - JulieLeggettArt

Hello, join me in slow stitching, its a great pastime and so rewarding. The good thing about stitching is you dont have to be making anything in particular. A great idea is to put together a slow stitch book, made up of fabric pieces and then you can attach your pieces of slow stitch into it; why not? Finished pieces could be framed, given as gifts, used to cover journals or books, made into beautiful cushions - so many options. Or just keep them..

I have a you tube channel, I am faily new to this, I did have a go a couple of years ago but didnt keep up with it. I restarted it through lockdown, with some spare time on my hands off I went - I have put some videos on of sketchbooks and journals, they are very amature. I seem to enjoy doing the stitching side of things on you tube; I feel there has been a surge of crafters and sewers and we all like to share and see what everyone is doing. I am aiming to do one video each week in 2021; lets see how I go...

Doing videos can be time consuming especially if you use a programme to edit etc. This video hasnt been edited - the one on you tube has. Join me I would love to see you.

keep on stitching....

I have taken to stitching daily - just love putting it all together and seeing where it takes me. I have so much in fabrics, cottons and other sewing bits; it feels good to use things up and come up with something creative and pretty. All the pieces I sew will end up being used in a project, from a journal cover to a piece of framed art. I keep a slow stitch book where the pieces can be kept, it feels good to fill up those fabric pages; getting different textures, patterns and colours together. If you like stitching and would like to get a stitchbook, I have a couple of them listed on the website - more pages can be added if you fill it up quickly. You can catch me on you tube: julie leggett art - I have two stitch videos on, which can be viewed through the website which gives access to you tube. Please sign up and follow me. I am aiming to get a bit more on there in the new year. I wont be posting the untangled threads work as I am not sure that the project leader would want that. I always have other pieces on the go, and show a stitch or two along the way. I would love to start a stitch swap, If anyone is interested? Just let me know......wouldnt it be nice to have others individual style and work in your stitchbook.

I am also just finishing my "untangled threads stitchbook" a project I have been doing through 2019/20...it goes in in January to be photographed along with other stitchbooks from other stitchers from around the country. The work should have been showcased at Harrogate Stitching Show in November, but of course couldnt go ahead. The plan is to produce a book showcasing members work. Its very exciting, and some of my work should be showcased in the book - we will have to wait and see. I will keep you updated - the book should be completed by April 2021. I am also starting the second year of the Stitchbook project, which has been split into four parts; so looking forward to getting going with this - my first pack/project is due to arrive in the next week or so. In the second year there is some guidance, but we are working more individually this year.

Working on some new fabric journals......

I have recently been working on a range of fabric journals - working in mixed media with fabric , stitching, paint and stamps...The journals will be available soon in my shop/ or from 2nd December in Cromford Mills....I have a little space in a shop under new management with 'shopreddish.com/unit 202 Via Gella Mill, Bonsall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2AJ

There are some beautiful things in there, and still time to shop before christmas......

The inserts will vary, so that the journals can be used for many different things; the simple binding in these journals will allow inserts to be removed and drawn on/sewn on and popped back in. If you are using a sketching journal the papers can be refreshed and replaced....so very versatile. All journals will have some sort of pocket for storage of items...

Geli plate pages

Just taken off all the nice neat edges from the geli plate prints - I wanted these pages to look more organic and rough, ready for a grungy journal. Video quality isn't great, so apologies for that.....So ready to make a journal.......


More of my stash used up, it so makes me feels better when I have repurposed lots of bits... I now have an abundance of art cards waiting for new homes in journals and happy mail. I have worked spontaneously mixing and matching what came to hand, then added words and sayings to them, again just what felt right. It's a very nice feeling when I shuffle through them; now to get them into journals and books tucked inside those pockets or as a feature on a page...

Some work on journals, pictures showing front and sides of three journals I am working on. The first journal is made from upcycled materials - the journal itself is filled with ephemora, tags and pages with journalling spots. The second image shows a cover made with board and plaster of paris, so very sturdy - the binding has been done with beads from my stash. The journal is made up of old greetings cards for pages and upcycled with tucks, tags and journalling spaces. Lots of ephemora in there too. The third image is made of recycled products and much the same in content with tags, tucks, ephemera and images. I have added a beaded tag on the book too with a vintage wrap around closure. With journals it is fun to keep re opening them and adding more to them until you feel it has enough in content, words and interest. I usually theme them, which can be in many different ways e.g. colour, topic, to put together some form of memory, to provide a journal that can be used to store memorobelia in or just to be pretty and give you space to write in. So many options and it is so enjoyable meeting any requirements that are requested. Contact me on my web page if you would like me to put a journal together for either yourself personally or for a unique, bespoke gift. Prices will vary depending on size, content and pages. https://www.julieleggettart.com/handmade-books

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