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UPCYCLE of tie dyed blanket - catch up....

A catch up on the tye dyed upcycled blanket that I started recently - I do love to make good use of all sorts of things that pass my way. The stitching has been kept fairly simple to enable me to complete it in a reasonably good time. The you tube video shows you where I am at the moment, how much is completed and how far I have to go before it is complete. All of the blanket is handstitched even stitching the blocks together - it may seem like a forever task; I can assure you that all the stitching is very therapeuatic and done in an evening whilst watching the TV after 9pm at night. Us ladies are so good at multi-tasking; why not stitch and be useful whilst catching up on the latest dramas, all so rewarding, you really should try it.

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