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Swaps and Mail - Creative fun

Today I came across a stash of the envelopes I had saved over the last six years in which I had received either a 'Art Trading Card' or 'Happy Mail'. The mail came with notes , letters and cards too. I decided to save all the envelopes as some of them had been beautifully decorated, I am so pleased I did - I have put together five journals by fixing the envelopes together leaving pockets so that notes and letters came be kept together. Binding simple journals like this take very little time when done simply. I still have some envelopes to collate and bind after stopping at five today. The swaps have been run and organised by different groups on facebook, I think two of the groups have now ceased, but there are absolutely loads of this type of group who are still very active. Mail and swaps have been exchanged via USA (all areas) Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, Mumbai, Czech Replubic, France, Croatia, Cyprus and South Africa. There was often a long wait for the post - but always worth the wait, it is amazing how you become familiar and very friendly with your fellow swappers, also how they are often members of the same groups that you are in yourself. Like minded folk enjoying mindful creative swapping.- it feeds my love of paper, recycling and creating. My first swaps were with a group 'Happy Mail' run by American admins on FB. Much of the happy mail was used in journal making. There are some very talented makers to be sure. I moved onto a couple of groups for swapping Art trading cards (I have an album of around 100 + ATC's) which was really exciting and enjoyable - I haven't

swapped for a while now - much to do with COVID and postage. It's great knowing I can jump right back in when I want to.

I have since joined into more private swapping from people that I have met in groups, and was asked this year to join in an international sewing collaboration by a sewing site on you tube - I jumped in and really enjoyed the experience - I will tell you about my experience of this and how it went soon.

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