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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Welcome to all my new subscribers, so pleased to have you on board..

Spring is upon us; some of my latest spring art. The first image is done in acrylic fluid and ink, I really like the crisp colours and beautiful translucency you can get with these paints. I will be using them more - I invested in a set of fluid acrylics to add to my acrylic inks that I had, what a great investment, love them (Golden brand)

The bright coloured tulips are acrylic and pastel with gelato on card, they are just over postcard size and I am selling them at a breeze of a prize as little colourful bites of spring. The sixth image is on canvas, acrylics and pastels, much more muted but alive.

One of my favourite art things to do is to sketch, I have lots of sketch books, some completed, but always empty ones ready to fill. I use seawhite concertina sketch books, again love them and just love making marks and building up layers ready for some spontaneous sketching. I can always find compositions for my larger pieces by going through my sketchbooks, if you havent started sketching yet, I would there is so much fun, its all about showing up and just doing it. A book where you dont have to worry about making mistakes or doing perfect images and sketches, accidental marks can be delicious.

The artwork above was created from my sketchbook drawings which I use as an idea and compostition guide. I create my picture and decide on a colour way. The third inmage called 'Wave' was on exhibition for 3 months last year at the Harley Gallery.

JOIN in with the free: SKETCHBOOK REVIVAL classes; click the link below and enjoy yourself/ or just take a look and see what you think. Karen Abend and

Karen Stamper are two great sketchbook artists and I am very inspired by their work. Karen Abend has a FREE online course at the moment called

Sketch Book Revival, I have enrolled for my free sessions as I do each year; I recommend you join in and have some fun, pick up tips from other sketchbook artists.

My most recent you tube videos are on sewing, as I love my slow stitch, I have found it so mindful especially with all the extra time the pandemic has given to us (that is unless you are out at work) sometimes I forget that majority of people are working hard on the outside. Take a look and support me by subscribing

This video shows me using paint on fabric and then stitching - again all very spontaneous, the completed squares are still waiting for me to decide what to do with them.. I was thinking a nice piece of wall art.


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