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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

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Well was a busy time with stitch, art, documenting and sketching....

During the pandemic stitching as sort of overtaken my time a little, I have produced a lot of stitching. You tube is steady and I post as often as I can, I do find that videoing on my mobile poses a few problems of ' No more space'....such a nuisance.... I must sit and delete; it is so timeconsuming!!

I was recommended to use an APP called INSHOT for videoing - I must admit it is really good and easy to navigate and edit your video's; the only downfall is that once you film with it and transfer your video to its destination you simply have to store the inshot videos, if you remove it, it has the power to delete the video whereever it may be. So this poses problems for storage on my humble mobile phone.mmmmm... YOU TUBE VIDEO Slow stitch books

A swap for stitchwork pieces is something I would like to do in the future; I will put my feelers out for this on my blog and see if I get any interest?

My pieces of sitching have been launched for sale on my website

I am offering a discount of 20% on items in my shop for the rest of February to my subscribers only:

Use the following discount code at the checkout: February21

Keeping a Journal has been a valuable pastime of mine for the last five years, I follow the life documented group 'Life Documented 2021' on FB, I am an admin on there and provide support and prompts throughout the documenting year.. I have a prompt in a couple of weeks (6th February) I will post out once it has gone live on FB, so look out on my blog..

I am all set up to do a couple of art courses: I always join ART2LIFE each year with Nick for his free lessons. (There is still time to subscribe to his course via FB) I highly recommend it .. I follow a couple of abstract artists and get lots of inspiration from them: Karen Stamper being one of my favourite artists.

Follow me on Instagram: JulieLeggettArt1, Nethergreen stitches and Roseabstrata

Pintrest:Julieleggettart: I have a lot of interesting boards to follow.

Stitching portraits is new to me; being on my second year with Stitchbook Collective, I am learning all of the time... still some work to do on the face, sunglasses and necklace to add

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