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Journal your Life in 2024

LIFE DOCUMENTED 2024 - International Facebook Group

So as we begin documenting for 2024, it is an individual choice of how we approach it; we all want different things from our art and documenting, that's for sure.

2024 Life Documented we are looking at techniques for the prompts each month. We are away from the starting block in January with Claire Ann, who likes to include photographs of her life to record events throughout the year. Her technique for January is collage with scraps. Take a look on FaceBook - Life Documented 2024, and if you are inspired to join in you are very welcome. Documenting for me means, showing up and doing some form of art or stitch each day of my life, a personal choice, which is so therapeutic and builds up a spontanaeity in creativity. I dont spend forever deciding what I am going to do, I have moved into 'just doing' and using what's to hand or mind and spontaneously coming up with a page which complements the documenting. There are times throughout the year when I may falter due to other demands on my time but I always catch up, which means some pages are very quick pages whilst others have more time alloted to them - that's just how it goes. For those that only document and art with no other art or stitch committments, quite often put a tremendous amount of time and effort into their pieces of art, with fabulous creations. All great, it is a matter of choice, I love to share, and to view others work, it is so inspiring. Happy New Documenting 2024

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