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Update on the virtual Bonsall art trail 2021 - we did it - what a fabulous event it was. A great amount of traffic and sales for the artists. It was also a platform of promotion for all of the artists to be showcased on the trail - the web shop was so easy to use and view. I SOLD my

"Glory 2" mixed media boat, which heads down to the south coast once it has been framed. This is such a joyful piece with many layers on to create a lovely patina on the boat.

The Bonsall art trail team are now working on putting together the book of artists and Bonsall village/community - this is so exciting and another great platform for our artists. I am really excited to see the end result. There are lots of other exciting plans and ideas for the Bonsall art trail, sign up to the newsletter on the to keep up to date with whats going on.

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