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A menagerie of cloth

Today I have made some time to go through work that needs to be finished ready for the Melbourne Art Trail and Festival in a few weeks time - I always find it hard to believe just how much planning and stitching I get done. Needless to say I watch very little TV and my reading time reduces in lieu of stitching. I have sorted two pieces out that required the images to be prepared for sewing, so I have bonded and gathered my cottons ready to take away with me on my weeks leave in Suffolk. I will aim to stitch every day and will hopefully come back home with two complete pieces - I will be pleased if I almost complete them, with stitching every stitch put into the cloth helps.....

This is one of my projects I am taking away with me - its very folk art inspired - I like to draw my own designs, I have cut out and positioned the birds with bondaweb. This piece is machine and hand stitched. When I am away I want to complete the stitching, I will be working on the detail of the bird, I am not sure how much colour I am going to add, but just in case I have a large selection to take with me. I do like to have choice, DMC, Pearl, madeira threads - I have also put in some wool in case I want to couch some onto the design.

Lots more projects on the go, after posting some of the proeon dyed boro/ sashiko inpired pieces onto a slow stitch site, I have been inspired to create more proceon dyed cloth and put some more sashiko together to make a Kimono. That project wont be done until later this year going into next. I like to have lots of ongoing projects, it keeps me happy....

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