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What would go in your frame? LIFE DOCUMENTED 2021

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Week 6 with Julie Leggett UK - Make a page using a frame; lots of ideas for frame making were given in this weeks prompt. How you used your frame on your page was up to you. There have been some fabulous pages made: take a look at 'Life Documented 2021' on FB. I chose to make a flower frame and put Richard and I in it - after all it is Valentines Day next week, so lets get in the mood. The quote I chose, I found really intriguing and thought provoking ( I must look up this guy to get a bettert understanding of his work.

'We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours..'

I used two colours with black and white to make the tones and tints on the page. The first image shows a selection of different frames that could have been used; these are ones I made and they are now sitting in my stash ready for next time...SO have a think what is going in your frame??

What your word for the year?

week 5 with Suz Og, USA - 'What is your word' ..... There are many words I could choose for this week; I did some thinking, and a bit more, and the same word just kept popping back 'CREATE' it is. Being creative is a god send whilst we are locked down; you are probably thinking 'but I am not creative'...of course you are, everybody can be creative - find your groove and do something, you will be surprised with yourself. Do not put your expectations on a platform.. just create remember its for you, and the sense of achievement will be nothing but positive. So I hope you will get going with something ...


In week 4 with Linda Lee AUS - our prompt was to make paper dolls, using magazines that we had - this was fun, it all depended on which magazines you could put your hands on. So a couple of hours later I had managed to find enough pictures to cut out to make my paper dolls. I will continue to add to this as I find pieces. Always good uses for old magazines, have a go its good fun, and for those of you homeschooling, get the kids to have a go they will enjoy it; they made need some help with the cutting tho depending on their age. Its been another interesting week for documenting: stay at home. For me I dont seem to be able to fit everything in I want to do, its a case of doing all of those things that you never have time to do; you realise that its a mighty big list of things when you are a creative. I hear people saying gosh i'm bored, I have nothing to do....what!!! Get creating, get motivated - start a documented diary, you are welcome to follow my lead here or you can join life documented 2021 on FB. Must get back to it, I have a big list of things to get through today ...



Week 2 - Prompt: Black and white. I decided to have a look around to find some black and white images so that I could put together a collage. I found a paper bag that I had picked up from Scarthin Books, which I really love. I cut a section out and added that to the middle of the collage; so pleased to have Scarthin book shop image on my second week in January. I love the book shop it has a couple of floors and a nice vegetarian cafe plus a gift shop. Looking forward to being able to visit again, the shop is fairly local to me, next village down so fab to have something like this so close.

I have covered up my documenting, my gosh don't want to frighten you all with what I get up to !! ( a lot of creative stuff with a pepper of ordinary life stuff). Being locked down is hard when you cant see your nearest and dearest when you want to, but we do have to look on the positive side of it all and use the time we have the best we can. Catch up again next weeks with the next weeks prompt and pages.....

WEEK 1....

Week 1 with Claire Ann UK - 2021 starts with a new journal - for 2021 I have repurposed a childrens story book from 1938, I loved the illustration on the the outside cover and internal covers. I put together different papars maninly mixed media and watercolour papers. The pages were bound and glued into the spine all ready for documenting and journalling. I have completed my first week/prompt which was hosted by Claire Leggett on 'Life Documented 2021' - use up what you have have. I put together a collage of fabric and papers with freestyle machine stitch. I added a tip in with 2 cards: 'More of in 2021' and 'Less of in 2021' I have started to fill those in: Less Covid, Less hoarding of things I dont need. More of ' Art and creativity', organising and throwing out anything that doesnt make my heart sing. I have posted a couple of images of the pages. My journalling pages are in progress and I guess I like to keep those private...


MY 2020 Journal final touches.....

A little festive journalling


Hello, I hope we are all beginning to get a little bit festive, we just have to keep with it, even with covid looming over us to provide us with a different type of christmas.

I havent written lately with any journalling information, I provided a prompt this week on Life Documented 2020 (you can find the link to the prompt and group via my website: under the heading of journals.

I created a advent type of page, well a couple of pages with a few elements in them - I had fun and thats the main thing. The only thing that wasnt fun was the videoing; I have added the first video part one of the prompt; there are two more videos. Unfortunatley my phone kept running out of space and cut off the end of both 2 and 3 videos, even so I think you can still get the jist of the pages. Take a look you may want to gather some bits together and have a go yourself....why not!!

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