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My Newest piece - 'Sewing Spot'

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hi everyone, a quick update: my latest mixed media piece 'Sewing spot' can be viewed on the Matlock Artist Exhibiton on line this exhibition will continue to run for a few months during the pandemic. There is art for sale on the site starting at £15.00.

Building up this picture was a lot of fun and a lot of layers and colour changes as I went along. The painting has many textures beneath the surface that cannot be apprectiated to the full on the on line images. I have used papers, corrugated card and acrylic paint. I like to do line with posca pens, which are acrylic paint based pens. You can get these from a fine nib to very thick - so that they become versatile when you are using them in your work. They are worth a try, I love them.


.. I have finished my recent interior mixed media painting 'Sewing spot', It is rather a large one measuring 100 x 80 cm...It has sooo many layers - I am really pleased with it. I have not shown the picture whole as I am planning to add it to the upcoming Matlock Artists Society on line exhibition which will be running from 12th October there will be art on there for sale too. I did change up colours as I went along the process...I have put on three clips of different areas of the canvas....hope you like it....

I have started on a new series of paintings - on interiors, concentrating on some areas in my house, I have started some preliminary sketching and watercolour compositions, which I will change into abstract pieces - I like to prepare in this way with several sketches. I have chosen to draw/paint a window area with good light where I often sit to do sewing or reading. The chaires are comfy and one of them is covered in a up cylcled blanket with slow stitch that I put together at the start of the pandemic - gosh I had so much enthusiasm when we first went into isolation, the weather was so good too. I sat outside in the shade to do most of it, the rest done in the evenings watching tv.

I always sketch first and mostly use watercolour to give pieces colour as I find this easy and convenient, watercolour was my first medium I used for art before moving onto other mediums when I studied fine art. Presently I use a pallete of inktense pocket/travel pallette. I will probably change the colour pallete when I do my final piece, it always seem to be the way - I go with spontaneity, quite often veering for blue/orange tints and hues. I am working on a large canvas and working up my layers, this can take me a while before I finally get to lay my composition down, I add and adjust as I go along - once I have a plan I can build the picture.

I have added a short video of me working on one of my layering techniques, bye gfor now will catch up with updates later on.

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