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...give away to be decided Sunday 15th November 3pm...

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I will try to get the live spinwheel on my fb page, so if you want to see the wheel live please join me on fb at 3pm. The lucky winner can choose their favourite piece of colourful art.....if you want to be included, and was not on my origional list - please write in the comments on fb......


Thank you to all of you that liked /showed interest in these colourful pieces of work - It is now time for that promised give away; I have added a bit more work to each of them with oil pastels and sealed them. Hope you like them, I am going to add all the names to the give away that liked or showed any interest on my last post aired on my personal fb page. The give away will be from my Julie Leggett Art page. If anyone else wants to share or add their name to the list for a chance of getting a beautiful piece of art, you are very welcome. It may be better especially if the post is shared to pm me as it will get difficult to track you down if you have shown interest on a shared page. The give away is for the artpiece only - you will need to mount/frame this yourself.

I will do a spin selection of those that are in the draw, the winning person can then choose the piece of art they would like from the four pieces shown. Good Luck. Let me know if your name is there and you don't want to be included.


I was feeling gloomy with the weather yesterday, it was so dark in the house - the great pleasures of living in a Georgian property. I have good light in my studio/workroom at the top of the house as I work under a large skylight, which helps lift the darkness and provide a good light for working in. I got out the acrylic paints to play with, I am not sure why I did flowers, its not really my usual subject, I think I must have been viewing some artwork at some stage recently and there it was in my subconscious. I didn't think about what I was painting here I let my intuition guide me along. I do love my choice of bright colours, it was obviously what I needed on such a dreary day. The pieces do need some more work adding to them, there is a little collage in there too. I will be adding some pen work, line and marks and possibly add some oil pastel here and there, I will see what I feel like.

I thought I might do a give away of one of these pieces as a nice halloween gift, I will just need a comment somewhere to push me along with that, so if you fancy the chance of having one of these pieces drop a line to me somewhere, either comment here or on FB or twitter. I will update with the final finished art pieces later tomorrow. Thank you for joining me :)


Abstract sketch book

I have given my sketchbooks a dust off, and continued with my abstract work, we can see that I have laid down a few layers of collage, paint and ink. Tomorrow I will start working into the pages more starting with gesso then more additions in acrylic and posca pens. I am not quite sure where I am going with them, so will be working spontaneously initially, once I have a more focused direction I will post and let you see where I am. I am hoping to get some inspiration for some larger compositions of artwork.


Secret Postcard competition -ended

The secret postcard exhibition is ended until next year. From all the reports via instagram the exhibition was a great success despite the lockdown and measures around the pandemic. I really enjoyed my visit and purchase at the beginning of the exhibition, I even purchased another postcard via instagram, I am still waiting for that one to be posted, so cant show you that one yet. I thought I might put together some postcards for both giveaway and for sale in the shop; something fort me to work on. I will have a look through my sketchbooks and select a few pages to inspire me and make a start.

Made the opening day of the 'Old Lock up Gallery' in Cromford today - I think we were the last customers of the day arriving at 7.25pm. Beautifully set out and very welcoming as always - some beautiful art available. Wandered around a few times in anti clockwise fashion so as to keep the social distancing. There was quite a few postcards I would have liked to buy, but each year I try to keep to one, and sometimes go back later on in the exhibition and buy another. It is so difficult choosing - I went for a slightly different style this year; the card I chose is a human form called 'Bearing a flower', acrylic, charcoal, graphite and collage. The artwork was done by Barbara Sykes I am so pleased with my choice, this lady is an established artist, take a look at her website. When you buy a postcard you have no idea who the artist is and its always exciting to go home and look at their website etc if it has been provided on the back of the postcard. I also bought one of the random packages of postcards left over from last year, a £5.00 envelope - the selection I got was ok - I liked two of them, and will do a collage of the other three and dedicate the new card to all three artists. I have a good selection of postcards now, all beautiful pieces of art, I would recommend anyone to go along and take a look, purchase if you want, for me I always purchase - love it there and Rachel is a great host. I did spy two of my postcards in amongst the exhibition too.

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