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'Sewing Spot' Mixed media painting

My art piece 'Sewing spot' is now available to view on Matlock Artists Society on line exhibition go over and take a look, lots of varied and great art to look at, some for sale starting prices at £15.00.

I really enjoyed building up the layers for my piece, I used varied papers and corrugated card, there are some great textures, which are not easily appreciated on line. I use acrylic and acrylic pens (posca) as I like to add line. I always like to add an abstract approach to my work. This piece is a large piece of art and when I look at it, it brings to mind the time spent sewing there; sewing is one of my favoured pastimes, usually done for an hour or two at a time. I also sew in the evening, it is a very rewarding and therapeutic exercise especially so with staying indoors more due to the pandemic situation.

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