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Looking through some sketches.....Interiors

I started a small sketch book for ink sketches a couple of weeks ago to use around the house to capture some interiors, I will keep adding more on my blog as I do them. The idea is to use them in a series of abstract interior pieces; I am looking forward to getting on with this series. Of late I have struggled a little with getting stuck in with certain ideas and compositions - I just seem to have so many other things to do, meaning my spare time is getting swallowed up in stuff....eeek I need to sort this one out...


So more travels on the water and more sketches; Its lovely seeing the wildlife on the canal, 7 signets and their parents bobbing along by our boat - we fed them, they were like a prowl of hungry teenagers. I always sketch a few bridges as we go along; always useful as they are numbered and tell us where we are. Drew a few indoor items in the evening, like the kettle and teapot ...Well we have had the report on the exhaust and the it needs replacing - its been so hot with the tropical climate on the boat. The boat is now moored and we are unable to use it on the canal ways - we have decided to moor it up and go home, we cant recharge batteries, electricity and reheat the water without using the engine, and thats out of the question now. The boat will be repaired and exhaust replaced next week, it will be both cutting our week short and the next people due to take over for a week on Saturday. Happy sailing from next Tues/Wednes. Bon voyage......

We arrived at our boat 'BURLAND, Bonsall on Saturday on the Ashby Canal near to Market Bosworth. It was the first time we had seen the new paint job on the boat - it did look somewhat grand. All ready for getting moving on the water we unpacked all of our things, parked up the car at Ashby Canal Hire and moved off down the canal towards Market Bosworth. Richard checked the engine before we started out, it was rather dirty in the engine room and lots of soot everywhere - we were not happy with the exhaust, but everytyhing seemed ok and we took it steady. After a few calls with other team/crew owners we contactacted the local engineer at Ashby who couldn't see the boat until Tuesday pm. This was sort of bad news as we couldn't motor on anywhere - so we just took it steady keeping an eye on the engine etc.

I always bring so many activities to do on the boat - well why wouldn't you, there's no TV just radio, and this canal has no locks - oh my what luxury, I tend to do the lock and Richard does most of the steering - this suits us. For me no lock meant I could do loads of sketching - I completed around 60 sketches and that is only up to Tuesday. Always pens, paints and a sketchbook to hand....sheer bliss. I use a waterproof fine liner (no rubbing out) the sketches are exactly that, a sketch that takes me couple of minutes. I use a small travel pack of inktense watercolours and a water brush so just a squeeze and I have water through the brush, this works really well for quick sketching - I love the spontaneity.

A few sketches at the top of the page - there is an abundance of different canal boats, and lots of plants and trees, wildlife and of course water. It is very relaxing out on the canal- it slows you down somewhat. We moored up at Battlefields for our first night which is not far from Market Bosworth - on the way we moored up at Sutton Cheney as we saw an ice cream boat, couldn't resist having a 99 honeycomb ice cream. It was pretty busy there, very popular so we didn't stay, enjoyed our ice creams whilst sitting on the boat. I must show you a couple of boats we passed - moored up, of course we see so many, but the one with a coffin on the top and skeletons well!! and guess what saw Rosie and Jim - do you remember them? about in the 80's I think..... Take a look at the photographs below.....see if you can spot the icecream boat?

I will post a few more sketches and talk a little more tomorrow.......

On site at Hardwick Hall, day out Natiional Trust, all very COVID secure. Beautiful day in respect to visit and sketching, filled in some more pages. I think I may have walked more than I planned, these days my hips and knees are just not as robust.......

Enjoyed some plein air sketching yesterday - the plan didn't quite work out in the morning as it was rather rainy - we gathered in the Fountain Cafe in Bonsall for coffee (we were only a small group) and we wound a couple of hours away catching up after such a long time of notseeing each other. It was great to catch up with Marion who is Cornwall bound to live very soon. Once I got home at lunctime there was only drizzle so I set myself up in the garden and spent a couple of hours sketching. My sketchbook is all prepped, so it was great adding to it. Using watercolours and poscas - I got a fair bit done and was pleased with what I had done. Planning a trip out to National Trust Garden tomorrow at Hardwick Hall - so my sketch book will travel with me and I will add some more..

I have added some more work to my sketchbook - the pages have been further prepped and worked into from observations of different areas of my garden; as you can see the pages have been worked up a fair bit since I last showed my early preparation of the pages a few days ago. I have done a flip through video in the workshop area; really as a practice - I just need to practice more on editing and making it more presentable, time consuming especially when you need to play around a lot. I am sure I will get there. Pop and have a look, I hope you enjoy it.

In the pages I have used posca and watercolour on top of the collage, I also use small sample pots of paint from hardware stores which have a roller top, so a great way of adding paint - the sketchbook will be continued to be worked in and changed as I go along. I will report back as I progress , watch out for more videos.


Thought I would share a few pages that I am preparing for my next concertina sketch book. I use 'seawhite' of Brighton sketchbooks mainly, there pages are doubled and there is a pocket inbetween each sheet. First pages are just drying, I use several techniques for preparing the pages, on these pages I have started the first bits of layering. I have used various tapes and inks. Inks are interesting as they all provide different hues of colour. I usually prepare one side of my sketchbook completley before working into it. It is all done spontaneously - once my pages are dry, I begin to knock it back with gesso and begin drawing and adding elements. I will be outside taking in the skyline and the elements I want. I will catch up later when I have moved on a little...




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