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Eco dyeing....

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Decided to do some eco dying of papers, I need a variety of papers for my journals....I used seawhite paper in long strips - I have a couple of rolls of seawhite paper which I love to use for sketching and mixed media, its great paper and withstands most things that you throw at it. The paper is great for layers of paint, pen and collage.... I cut strips of paper approx 8inches by 24 inches then collected up some leaves from my doorstep and garden. I was stuck for a vessel to boil the eco packages and then remembered a large jam pan that we had next to our open fire, we use it to put kindling wood in - perfect I thought, and it was...... I made up a solution of 2 teaspoons of alum in a approximately a gallon of water (enough to cover the bundle) in the pan and added some rusty nails and a piece of rusty plate (this helps with the dyeing process). I also add some white vinegar once the bundle has been boiled for an hour or so... To start, I brushed the papers with the alum solution before laying down the leaves; you could be selective with this if you wanted specific pages for cards etc. I lay them down randomly and love to see how it turns out. I did do a video of the unwrapping of the bundle on you tube....

Julie Leggett Art

There is direct access to my you tube channel via my website: under heading video/workshops

take a look and see how it turned out. I think the most difficult part of the dyeing is waiting for 24 hours to see how it turned

I am really pleased with the papers, they are far better in the flesh, especially when the paper has been dried and then ironed - it really is beautiful... This batch was very yellow, some of the leaves didnt seem to have much effect. The leaves which were really nice were the large yellow leaves and the Acer leaves; these have a lovely shape... I have since done another batch of eco dying and used specifically Acer tree leaves, the result is less yellow and the shapes and subtle colours are beautiful... I can see me making these papers on a regular basis....

It is too dark to take pics of the finished papers I have, so I will post some on my blog in the next couple of you can have a look....


A day of stitching paper bits...

When you have so much in the way of paper and accessories that you have collected over time called my stash, you just have to get going and use it up which is so much better than watching TV or carrying out all those mundane tasks that we are required to do lol.... I decided to have a no glue day and put my own painted papers and other bits together and make cards and tags. I had a great time with my sewing machine, it is a waste not to use it...isn't it. If you have a redundant sewing machine - remember you don't only have to sew clothes and cloth with it, it works really well with cards and paper. It's always amazing to see how bits and bobs can come together and make something pretty, useful to fill journals, use as happy mail. I love giving away pieces and continue to be a member of a couple of happy mail groups on facebook - why not join one. It is often difficult finding groups that are just UK, as of course this is easier on the pennies in respect to postage. The groups I am in are international - you can just choose to post to UK members of course. 'Inspired mixed media happy mail group' is a good one to get started. Why not have a go, its a two way process, you send and you receive, it can be like christmas everyday


A rainy day activity - making lots of folded pockets and embellishing them ready for journals.

For this I fold old book pages and make a 3/4 pocket which can hold cards, ephemora etc. very easy to do - I will do a video and show you how to do them. Lots of ripping , cutting, placing and sewing; really good fun. I also used some magazine, sheet music and map pages to make slightly larger pockets. I am working hard to put together many elements for my journal which will be for sale on the site very soon. There will be some free giveaways too via facebook/instagram and pintrest. So keep a look out....


Just put together a few envelopes using an old library book 'Scenes of Edwardian Life'

some simple folds, a glue stick...just need some decorating. Made some round discs from old music sheets, and cut out some useful bits from Daphnes Diary - all very useful. Tomorrow I will embellish - all beautiful bits will go into some of the journals that will be available for sale soon on the website.


'Art is a Harmony parrelel with Nature' Paul Cezzane' this was my week as administrator for Life Documented 2020 (FB) the prompt was to use mininimal acrylic colours to create this page - I used fluorescent pink, phallo blue and leaf green. The idea was to use black and white colour to create tints and shades. Gold leaf was used on the Rooster feathers, and the letters were cut our of magazine pages - I managed to get all the letters out of 3 pages - so not too bad. My image was one I took from a previous lino print that I had done. A nice bright page, a fun prompt. You can follow me on a couple of short video's going through the steps on the facebook page.

I love sharing my journal pages with you; I complete a new journal prompt each week, I am a joint administrator for a international group on face book called 'Life Documeted 2020' we have 1.3k members and the group has been running for a few years now and was a roll off from a previous American based group called 'Documented Life Project' with wonderful artists: Roben Marie, Sandy Keen and Lorraine Bell - they have all branched out and promote and follow their own art internationally.

Completing art journal prompts ensures I am always creating - there is never a day that I don't create and contribute to something.

It would be a big job sharing all my previous pages on the blog but a selection will always be available to view on my journal page on the site, I will change these regularly.

I am going to share the last couple of weeks with you:


Week 25 was lead by another of the journal page administrators Claire Ann (who happens to be my daughter who got me into art journalling start with - having been introduced whilst teaching in Dubai from one of her pupils parents) So this week it was themed on 'Making the best of the lockdown for your creativity and see it all as a positive influence on your art and life' This mad it a super quick week for me as it involved grabbing under papers , ribbon, card, old artwork and putting it altogether using my sewing machine. Always good to get a quick week with life so busy. So here it is: I added the quote which I received from a recent swap from a group I contribute in called 'Stitching fabrics, papers and more' another great fb group. We did a word tile swap- I received both my swaps from USA members.


'Take this lockdown phase as a silver lining to concentrate on your own self happiness. Somya personal reflection: got my web page and blog up and running 'achievement


Week 24 was lead by Deborah Gregg a UK member. This week it was 'A Treasure Hunt' so we had to create our page with as many items on the list provided, which included sponge, orange net, under paper, recycle bin paper/card, nail varnish, photograph, string, confetti and hair. There may have been more - I collected most of them and created my page. When I completed my page it was fathers day so - a picture of my lovely dad was included. I used acrylic paints and put it together using some gluestick and my trusted sewing machine. So heres my page.....


I am enjoying working on my new website with my Guru, who is doing a fantastic job. Taking, cropping and generally sorting out pictures is taking me a lot longer than I imagined.

We have visitors tomorrow so fingers crossed with the weather, I am looking forward to some relaxing and a Barbeque......

Will spend some more time after the weekend to collate more bits of everything. I am doing a prompt next week 27th June for 'Life Documented 2020' FB group - I may use a video and upload the prompt here on the page and blog, the prompt will be based on a cubist approach to a journal page. If anyone has any questions or asks I am here, will do my best to help or assist in any way.....

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