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2023 -The first few days of January...

A new years day walk from Northowram to Hebdon Bridge for a drink at Shibdon Mill Inn - unfortunately it was so packed we couldnt even get in the doorway. It was only 15 minutes walk or so from where we were staying with family, so it was a gander back the way we came. New years week is always refreshing - with all the hectic lead up and activities at christmas a great time to get back into the normal throws of lifestyle. We have done Northowram for several years at new year, but never really thought about taking a walk down to Shibdon Mill until the drama series 'Gentleman Jack' was set in this area, and it suddenly seems inviting. Several of our previous walks over the years have been in the filming areas of the set, its great when you recognise places, this area of Halifax is so pretty.

Northowram is a village in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England that stands to the east of Halifax on the north side of Shibden valley. Southowram stands on the southern side of the valley.

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