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Designing your own bird & foliage - workshop

A nice comfortabel group of four ladies on a mission to design and make a stitch piece with a bird and foliage. The morning began chatting about how we would plan to put our piece together. Templates, bonding materials, heat erasable pens and colour was discussed and helped everyone to begin their building up of their piece. We used a colour wheel to help understand colours and how they work together. Stitching with fabrics for a art piece is no different to choosing colourways for producing a painted picture. Once everyone had their piece ready using their own choices of colour and composition, a suitable selection of threads were selected. All participants get a white and black to take away along with all the materials to build their piece.

A length of othe thread choices are wound onto plastic holders to take away if they like, to enable stitching to continue at home.

We had a great day of stitching, designing, drinking tea and eating cake - always lovely to see what each others choices are, and a lot is learned from one another. It is alway amazing to see everyones individual choices and what they come up with. I always look forward to seeing the ladies pieces when they complete them as it is amazing what these talented ladies are capable of.

More workshops will be available soon , just sign up to my newsletter on my website to get updated of new ones that go on.

The workshops are held in studio space in my home therefore space allows only a small group, which allows plenty of one to one if you desire. Sign up via the events/workshops page on Julie Leggett Art

My next event is Belper Art Trail where I will be in the Strutts Centre 5th & 6th May if you want to come and say hello.

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